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Lice Out! came to our home immediately. They were friendly and very professional.  Each of us was checked thoroughly, and within several hours we were lice free.   Lice Out! stands behind their work.  I highly recommend this service. 

Judy M., Springfield, NJ. 

I was nervous to let a stranger into my home with my husband on a business trip, so I invited a friend over for moral support.  When they arrived we could see they were normal Moms doing a job.  They patiently sat, held, entertained and combed-out my three squirmy children, and Nanny. The work was meticulous. I couldn't have done it without their help and advice.  And their prices are very reasonable!  I highly recommend Lice Out!

Nenni L.,  Maplewood, NJ

We help your home.  

After each member of the household is checked and treated, we then counsel you on proper home treatment and follow up combing.  

A period of daily follow up combing is necessary whenever there's an infestation, and helps ensure absolute success. We provide you with the education and tools you need to prevent future outbreaks.


Head lice affect up to 12 million people a year, mostly children between the ages of 3 and 12. They pose no health hazard, but they can cause itching and discomfort. Lice crawl —they don’t fly or hop. They are transmitted through head-to-head contact or sharing of brushes, combs or hats. Children should be taught not to share these items. 
An adult louse is gray and the size of a sesame seed. Females live up to four weeks and lay about 10 eggs, or nits, a day. The eggs hatch in about 14 days. If left untreated, the cycle repeats itself every three weeks.
​Parents should check a child’s head before and after sleepovers or camps where children share sleeping quarters.
Many treatment includes anti-lice shampoos and/or removal of nits by hand. A solution of 1 percent permethrin is recommended as an initial treatment.

​*Source: The American Academy of Pediatrics

Lice Out does not see customers at a specific business location of our own but will gladly answer your head lice questions and dispatch a reputable and effective team of Moms to your door immediately!


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Getting rid of head lice can be frustrating.  Many parents worry that it's not all gone.  We work with you to ensure complete eradication of all bugs and nits!

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