Complete eradication is the only way to ensure that head lice are gone. 

But successful lice removal should ALWAYS involve a period of follow up combing-usually done by you.  

At Lice Out! we'll do the follow up comb out for you:



thorough follow-up 

Lice Out! of Livingston, NJ, offers in-home head lice removal.  

Our trained technicians come to you. 

We offer "skilled, safe and thorough" eradication of bugs and the stubborn nits they lay . 

All lice and nits are suffocated and removed, leaving no area of the head untreated. 

The hair is then FURTHER checked (by hand) to insure complete eradication. 

Head lice prevention 

Combing and nit picking alone are often not enough.  

Your home, bedding, hats, scarves etc. should also be taken into consideration. But it's important to treat the right items, using your time wisely.  

Our plan enables you to avoid future outbreaks, keeping your kids and family head lice free.

  Natural head lice pesticides, no toxins.

Lice eradication process

Head Lice Removal Service

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